Notice of Financial Incentive (for California Consumers)

MGA Entertainment, Inc. and The Little Tikes Company may offer coupons, price reductions or gifts as permitted by the California Consumer Privacy Act. Participation in our incentive program is entirely optional and requires a consumer’s prior opt-in consent by enrolling in our email update list, newsletter delivery services, contests and sweepstakes or other services, and which may be revoked by the consumer by opting-out at any time. Financial incentives may be offered by MGA/Little Tikes from time to time in exchange for the consumer’s personal information (such as a promotional discount in exchange for an email address) in the form of a percentage discount code applied to the retail price of a single purchase or dollar(s) discount code to be applied to the retail price of a single purchase. The discount codes are mainly offered to consumers to introduce them to our brands and products, and which might turn a first-time purchaser into a loyal consumer of MGA/Little Tikes products.

Incentives are not directly tied to a set value of any specific element of consumer data, but are offered in good faith, based on the following considerations:

  • Most consumers first experience our brand online and offering an incentive provides a unique opportunity for them to explore our products.
  • MGA/Little Tikes’ marketing and advertising activities are largely conducted online and email communications are our primary method of directly reaching new and existing consumers with unique offers and discounts.
  • Discounts may also be affected by factors such as performance targets, geographic location, seasonality and market trends

To opt out of receiving financial incentives, please contact us at Or you may use the Individual Rights button shown below by clicking on it and then selecting Opt-out or Unsubscribe.

Opting out will not reduce the value of any financial incentives you previously received from MGA/Little Tikes.