Little Tikes Adventure Rocket

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2 to 6 Years
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Blast off to fun and adventure with The Little Tikes Adventure Rocket. So many kids dream of becoming an astronaut, space explorer, astronomer, or rocket scientist when they grow up and now, they don’t have to wait!

Children can travel through space, the stars and the planets with this realistic role play rocket ship. There are tons of activities that make exploring the universe fun. Kids can pilot the starship, look through the telescope, fix wires on the exterior maintenance panel or crawl through the escape hatch. And the swivel chair and star viewer screen make it feel like you’re flying through the galaxy, so make a wish and let your dreams soar.

With realistic lights & sounds, a control center with a game activity and all the other features, there is so much to do and explore. The Adventure Rocket lets kids launch their imaginations. Let ‘em fly. 

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Product Features

    • GALAXY SIZE FUN. At nearly 4 feet tall, this rocket already almost touches the stars. Big fun awaits!
    • BLAST OFF TO ADVENTURE. Pretend to be an astronaut and explore the universe as a little space traveler.
    • TONS OF ACTIVITIES. Operate the control center, look through the telescope, watch for shooting stars, crawl through the escape hatch, and hang on tight while working on the outer maintenance panel.
    • REALISTIC LIGHTS & SOUNDS. See the lights and hear the sounds just like a real rocket.
    • STAR VIEWER SCREEN. Make a wish on the stars with the moveable star viewer. Move it to look out the window and see the stars in the night sky.
    • MULTI-KID PLAY. Big enough for 2-3 kids to play at once.
    • CONTROL CENTER & GAME ACTIVITY. Control the rocket or play a game with the interactive console.
    • WEIGHT LIMIT. Maximum weight limit for chair, up to 60lbs.
    • BATTERIES. Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included).
    • AGE. Perfect for boys and girls 2 - 6 years old.
    • PRODUCT SIZE.  35.50”L x 46.50”W x 45.75”H --- Weight: 21.00lbs.
    • PRODUCT ASSEMBLY. Adult assembly is required.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Use the interactive control panel for realistic lights and sounds and a fun repeat game.


Crawl through the escape hatch to take a spacewalk and explore the planets.

Take a Space Walk

Hold on tight and don’t float away as you make repairs to the rocket’s maintenance panel.

Explore the Stars

The star viewer panel flips up and down so you can see the stars, dream big and make a wish.

Little Tikes Adventure Rocket

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