Yummiland Lipgloss Doll - Bianca Bubblegum

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Welcome to Yummiland, where six brave Yummis team up to protect their incredible, edible city with their lip gloss superpowers! Join them on their adventures by creating and customizing your own real lip gloss! Each includes base, color and scent to mix together your very own shimmery gloss! Take your Yummi doll and lip gloss on the go by attaching the included key chain. These scented dolls are articulated and feature removable fashions and accessories so you can customize!

Bianca Bubblegum lives in Yummiland with her team of fellow adventure-seeking Yummis, where her special lip gloss gives her the superpower of the bubblegum sticky trap. Play along at home with your scented Bianca Bubblegum doll by creating your own bubblegum scented lip gloss!

Collect all six Yummiland Doll + Lip Gloss Kits, allowing you to create over 50 flavor and scent combinations and watch the Yummiland animated series on YouTube now!

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    • YOUR OWN YUMMILAND. Welcome to Yummiland where six brave Yummis team up to protect their incredible, edible city with their lip gloss superpowers! Join them on their journey by creating a real lip gloss and exploring customized fashion accessories. Kids will love creating their own shimmer lip gloss while following alongside their favorite Yummiland characters from the animated series.
    • INSPIRE KIDS TO BE CREATIVE. Play and create with your favorite Yummiland character in a fun and original way! Every Yummiland doll comes with everything you need to make your very own lip gloss plus customizable fashions.
    • DIY LIP GLOSS KIT. Bianca Bubblegum comes with everything you need to make your own shimmer lip gloss, including a unique color, scent and clear lip gloss base. Just pour the scented liquid (“soda bottle”) and colored liquid (“boba drink”) into the lip gloss tube, mix with the included stirring spoon, seal the lip gloss and shake it up to reveal your new custom lip gloss!
    • SCENTED CHARACTER DOLL. Like all Yummiland dolls, Bianca Bubblegum herself is scented with her signature Bubblegum fragrance, matching that of her included lip gloss kit.
    • 50+ LIP GLOSS CUSTOMIZATIONS. Customize your own lip gloss by adding the scent from one Yummiland doll, such as Piper Peach, with the color from another, such as Greta Grape. With 6 different dolls, you can create over 50 combinations!
    • KEYCHAIN ATTACHMENT. Use the included keychain attachment to take your gloss on-the-go or remove it for fun doll play.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE FASHION ACCESSORIES. Bianca Bubblegum comes with her sparkly pink princess dress and matching shoes, which can be used interchangeably across all the Yummiland dolls. Atop her pretty pink hair sits her special princess crown. Crown is not removable.
    • ARTICULATED. Yummiland dolls are articulated, so they are easy to move and fun to play with. Her head, arms, and legs bend for so many cute poses!
    • WHAT'S INCLUDED. 4” Fashion doll with removeable doll outfit and removeable doll shoes plus a complete DIY Lip Gloss Kit – 1 clear lip gloss with shimmer + 1 scented liquid + 1 colored liquid + stirring spoon and optional keychain attachment.
    • PRO TIP. Store your doll and lip gloss into the original clear container to display your cosmetics and prevent the scent of the doll from fading too quickly.
    • COLLECT THEM ALL. Collect all six Yummiland Doll + Lip Gloss Kits!
    • WATCH ON YOUTUBE. Watch the episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube @officialyummiland.

Yummiland Lipgloss Doll - Bianca Bubblegum

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