Rainbow High Littles Sapphire Bradshaw, Blue, 5.5" Posable Small Doll

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Introducing our adorable Rainbow High Littles so kids can play out even more imaginative stories in the world of Rainbow High. There is no best friend like a little sister.

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    • LITTLE SISTER. Finally, you can create stories with your favorite dolls’ little sisters. Introducing Skyler Bradshaw’s little sister – Sapphire. Sapphire is super energetic, outgoing, confident and, sometimes, impulsive. This can get her into trouble at times, but with help from her big sister, she always finds her way.
    • ADORABLE FEATURES. Sapphire has her own unique style. She is dressed in blue denim from head to toe with a soft denim skirt and molded faux denim jacket. And she comes with matching pink sneakers and purse. She has an adorable younger face sculpt and beautiful blue curly hair pulled back in braids that crown her face.
    • SMALL DOLL THAT’S POSEABLE. She is the perfect height for her age, 5.5”. And because she is articulated at the head, shoulders and legs, she is so easy to pose.
    • MAGICAL PET. She comes with a super cute magical blue pet yeti with a horn.
    • WHAT'S INCLUDED. Sapphire-5.5” Small doll, removable outfit & shoes, purse and magical pet with horn.
    • COLLECT THEM ALL. Magenta, Daisy, Sapphire, Amethyst, Bailey, and Opal.
    • WATCH ON YOUTUBE and NETFLIX. Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series featuring the Littles on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix. Just search for "Rainbow High”
    • PLEASE NOTE. Big sister doll is not included.

Rainbow High Littles Sapphire Bradshaw, Blue, 5.5" Posable Small Doll

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