Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Doll, Purple Eyes with Washable Watercolors and Tie-Dye Kit

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Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Dolls inspire creativity. Watercolor and Create makes it so easy to design your own custom Rainbow High doll in so many ways, even Tie-Dye! You can even use the washable watercolors on your own hair! Then, just rinse & repeat and do it all over again. 

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Product Features

    • DIP IT! Just add water to the 6 rainbow-colored powders to create watercolors, then dip clothes and hair. Includes 6 colors (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) to make so many colorful designs. It’s so easy!
    • DAB IT! For precision designs, dab the dual ended application sponge into the watercolors and then directly onto the clothes and hair. So many ways to play!
    • TIE DYE KIT+ STENCILS! Includes rubber bands to create fun tie-dye designs- spirals, scrunch and so much more. The stencils make it easy to create fun shapes on the hair and fashions.
    • BONUS FASHIONS. In addition to the doll dressed in an all-white outfit (sweater hoodie, pleated skirt, and white high-top sneakers), she comes with a bonus shirt and sneakers.
    • RINSE & REPEAT! So easy to do it over and over again. Just wash in soap + water, let dry and start creating again!
    • FOR YOU TOO! Watercolor your hair too. Just dip or dab to add color to your hair. Color will be more vibrant on lighter hair!
    • BEAUTIFUL FEATURES. Create Doll has beautiful long, curly hair with two braids, long eye lashes and glass eyes.
    • WHAT’S INCLUDED. 1 Exclusive Fashion doll with complete all white doll outfit and doll shoes, bonus doll top, bonus doll sneakers, 6 rainbow washable watercolors, dual ended application sponge, rubber bands, stencil, measuring cup, disposable bowl, spoon, and comb.
    • FLEXIBILE & POSEABLE. Because she is fully articulated, she is easy to customize and fun to play with. Her head, arms, hands, and legs bend for so many fun poses, including the splits!
    • WATCH ON YOUTUBE and NETFLIX. Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix. Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls".
    • COLLECT THE RAINBOW. Collect all three Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Dolls.

Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Doll, Purple Eyes with Washable Watercolors and Tie-Dye Kit

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