Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Doll, Brown Eyes with Washable Watercolors and Tie-Dye Kit

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Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Dolls inspire creativity. Watercolor and Create makes it so easy to design your own custom Rainbow High doll in so many ways, even Tie-Dye! You can even use the washable watercolors on your own hair! Then, just rinse & repeat and do it all over again. 

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Product Features

    • DIP IT! Just add water to the 6 rainbow-colored powders to create watercolors, then dip clothes and hair. Includes 6 colors (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) to make so many colorful designs. It’s so easy!
    • DAB IT! For precision designs, dab the dual ended application sponge into the watercolors and then directly onto the clothes and hair. So many ways to play!
    • TIE DYE KIT+ STENCILS! Includes rubber bands to create fun tie-dye designs- spirals, scrunch and so much more. The stencils make it easy to create fun shapes on the hair and fashions.
    • BONUS FASHIONS. In addition to the doll dressed in an all-white outfit (white colored top, white skirt with ruffles, and white heels), she comes with a bonus shirt and sneakers.
    • RINSE & REPEAT! So easy to do it over and over again. Just wash in soap + water, let dry and start creating again!
    • FOR YOU TOO! Watercolor your hair too. Just dip or dab to add color to your hair. Color will be more vibrant on lighter hair!
    • BEAUTIFUL FEATURES. Create Doll has beautiful long hair with a braid on the top, long eye lashes and glass eyes.
    • WHAT’S INCLUDED. 1 Exclusive Fashion doll with complete all white doll outfit and doll shoes, bonus doll top, bonus doll sneakers, 6 rainbow washable watercolors, dual ended application sponge, rubber bands, stencil, measuring cup, disposable bowl, spoon, and comb.
    • FLEXIBILE & POSEABLE. Because she is fully articulated, she is easy to customize and fun to play with. Her head, arms, hands, and legs bend for so many fun poses, including the splits! Or you can display her on the included doll stand.
    • WATCH ON YOUTUBE and NETFLIX. Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix. Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls".
    • COLLECT THE RAINBOW. Collect all three Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Dolls.

Rainbow High Watercolor & Create Fashion DIY Doll, Brown Eyes with Washable Watercolors and Tie-Dye Kit

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